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What Is Integrated IDX, and Why It Matters So Much to Your Search Engine Rankings?

IDX and Your SEO Rankings: The What and Why of It All In the United States, almost 100% of home buyers start their search online. As a realtor, that tells you that your listings need to be visible online. You want as many of those homebuyers in your market to use your website, not a [...]

How to Plan, Start & Grow a Real Estate Business in 2021

So, you have long waited to unchain yourself from the 5-9 work environment, and now you have a chance to start your own real estate business. But unfortunately, you are having a hard time determining where to get started. Worry no more. Experts at Absolute Strategic Agent have got you covered with a comprehensive list [...]

11 Tactics for Realtors Working in a COVID-19 Real Estate Market

The COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented moment in American history, and the Real Estate Market. In addition to the uncertainty and anxiety that accompanies a normal real estate transaction, for all parties, there are now additional fears and concerns during any transaction.It is the duty of the Real Estate Agent to protect their physical safety [...]

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