iGoIDX Mobile Home Search

Why Mobile?

Web traffic has increased by more than 160% between 2010 and 2012 worldwide. It was predicted that mobile internet use would completely exceed the previous form of desktop internet use by 2014 and there has definitely been a mobile web traffic explosion! The need to have interactive capabilities compatible with mobile devices has become a major benefit for many professionals! It brings modern responsive websites to modern, everyday internet users.

iGoIDX Mobile Idx

  • Easy to Use
  • Live Listing Maps!
  • Your Phone # on All Listings!

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Allow your clients to search a neighborhood for listings and even open houses while out on a drive via Global Positioning Software (GPS).
*Client’s phone must be GPS enabled for this feature to work.
Your Clients see ALL the MLS Listings available,and YOUR Name and YOUR PHONE NUMBER appear on every one of the listings, regardless if they are your listings or not!
Your Clients see ALL the listings just by typing in your website’s name, such as: www.SallyAgent.com on their mobile browser. The system detects that they are on a phone and shows your mobile site, not your regular site! How smart!
Does your client have a certain type of property in mind? Automatic Email Listing Alerts will send a message when their dream home becomes available!