These days when 97 percent of homebuyers use the Internet to search for a new home, real estate agents need a strong online presence to stand out from the competition. There are many ways to build a strong brand for your real estate business. To be successful, you will likely use a combination of online and offline strategies, but an IDX website is what will bring the most leads. What are the main benefits of having an IDX website for BeachesMLS real estate agents? Find out from the article below:

3 Website Features BeachesMLS Agents Can Benefit From

The Importance of Having a Real Estate Website

In 2023, it will be increasingly difficult to connect with buyers without a strong online presence, thus, the importance of having a real estate website has never been more clear. People use the internet to search for homes, but also to find information about reputable real estate agencies. Without a professional website, you lose credibility and potential buyers will quickly turn to someone who does!

But in a competitive real estate market, not just any website will do: a simple, static website is less effective than a BeachesMLS IDX real estate website simply because the latter provides buyers with more information, functionality, and a better user experience that can make a big difference in their home search.

The Benefits of Having an IDX Website

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is the technology that allows homebuyers to browse property listings in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) databases directly on your real estate website. So if you have an IDX website connected to BeachesMLS, potential buyers will spend time browsing through the listings in their preferred neighborhoods, saving and favoriting homes, allowing you to capture those leads. What’s even better is that these listings update automatically, so there is little effort needed on your part to provide buyers with the latest available properties.

A BeachesMLS IDX real estate website helps grow your customer base by:

  • Encouraging potential buyers to stay on your site instead of bouncing off
  • Showing them the latest automatically updated BeachesMLS listings
  • Growing your email list by offering opt-ins
  • Capturing Leads with your VIP Membership System
  • Showcasing properties which you think will sell, without the need to manually update them
  • Offering prospects a Google Map search with Street View

The best IDX websites have additional functionalities that improve the user experience (including responsive design, calculators, dynamic maps, and custom searches), allowing you to capture those leads.

Having all these capabilities without the help of IDX would be very costly and time-consuming. You would need the best developers and constant maintenance to keep up, but even then, you wouldn’t be able to provide the same level of information and user experience with BeachesMLS IDX. By not having IDX, you risk losing potential buyers to someone else who does!

Here are the top 3 website featured of having a realtor website with BeachesMLS IDX benefits your business:

1. Building Your Online Presence

The best realtor websites provide a seamless user experience across all devices and can keep visitors’ attention so that they stay around for longer to engage with your offerings. But without having your own website, how will people know how to find you? It is essential to help build your brand, highlight what you can offer, and showcase a positive customer experience. A high-performance, user-friendly, optimized website, packed with useful features and functionalities can make you stand out from the competition, increasing your authority in the field. IDX websites are designed to do just that—and much more!

People visit your real estate agent website to browse your listings and learn more about your services. An IDX website lets them do those things easily, as they can search for properties by Address, City, Zip Code, or MLS Number. The Feature Properties widget can showcase your listings right up front or listings in cities you specialize in. Similarly, they can easily browse listings in specific areas using custom links where you can showcase the properties for that certain neighborhood or for certain price points. These features can help to engage users longer, build credibility, and gain trust.

3. Turning on Lead Capture

While driving traffic to your site is great, and so is engaging your website visitors, your ultimate goal as a real estate agent is closing a deal. And you can only do that by managing to convert leads to clients. What’s great about having a website with IDX is that it allows you to capture leads without much effort on your end. Turning on lead capture will limit the amount of searches or views a user can make while browsing your site before a pop up appears. They will need to sign up on your site to continue and then you capture those leads through the forms. Then you can export your leads into Excel or CSV, where you can pursue them with your follow-up and conversion strategies.

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As a real estate agent in 2023, you need to establish a strong online presence with a robust, feature-packed website to stand out from the competition. Thanks to IDX software, you can have a powerful website that allows users to browse BeachesMLS listings. As potential buyers spend time on your site engaging with your content, you can capture them without much effort on your part—while getting one step closer to closing a deal.

If you don’t yet have an IDX website and want to get ahead in the game, now is the time to get one. StrategicAgent provides real estate websites and IDX for BeachesMLS agents for the low price of $29/month to help you connect with more buyers.

To learn more about the real estate websites for BeachesMLS real estate agents, call StrategicAgent at 805-413-7895 or get in touch online.